Octavia Baptist Church
Saturday, July 13, 2024
Connecting People To GOD

Weekly Announcements and Concerns

Current Prayer Requests from 7-7-24 - updated weekly.
1.   Tiffany Rogers cancer has spread to the lungs.  had second chemo treatment this past week.  Chemo has been halted for the time being due to white cell and red cell counts being too low.   Will resume when counts are built back up.  One more and then evaluation. 
2.  Judy Wilson - is home in a back brace.  Only able to walk with a walker.
3.  Sean Rogers - in remission after 10 years of treatments
4.  Glen Reed - fell and broke pelvis 2 weeks ago. 
5.  Mary Reed - very ill.  Has an MRI coming up the 17th. of this month
6.  Alyssa Kemp - had labor induced this past Sunday, but no results. 
Miscellaneous Announcements and upcoming events
1.  WEDNESDAY -  6:30 PM  No Classes due to Teen Camp
         Youth Meeting
         Adult Bible Study